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 or ask about these books;
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A Founding Ministry.(2007)
Rev. T D Nicholson’s pioneering role
within the Presbyterian Church in Nelson
and Marlborough 1848-1862 -
The Course of St Andrew’s Church (2004)
The story of the Presbyterian Church at
Blenheim’s Riverside
and by Seymour Square
bluebanner.gif Mistcover.jpg
Blue Banner (1960)
The life story of the
 Rev. T D Nicholson
 Mist In My Eye (1997)
Collection of poems by
 parishioner Stan Bell
Some of these, and other local publications are available at the Marlborough District Library
This Public Library is across the square and two blocks South along Seymour St., from St Andrew's church.

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Sun, 20 Dec 15combined at Wesley
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Sun, 3 Jan 16combined at Wesley
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Sun, 17 Jan 16
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Jennifer W
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