Who We Are


carry one and others burdens



“Growing in Christian faith, love and action we responsibly 
and joyfully care for God’s earth and all people.”

Many, of our St Andrews Family, have a presbyterian heritage,

and our church is an active part of the Alpine Presbytery made up of presbyterian churches in the top half of the South Island, all having diverse views on most topics. Have a look at their newsletters

We cherish our past. But our true treasure is in the living body of our Lord Jesus.

Our Taonga. People, people, people.

So we are determined to show  our Unity with all who believe in Christ, and that we value the diversity of His Body.At St Andrews we enjoy fellowship / meeting with friends and family from many cultures, and try to show love for All of God's family.

 While St Andrews is mainly an urban parish, it also draws from rural Marlborough and has a considerable fringe population.

Morning worship is well attended and tends to follow the accepted / conventional model in which the congregation may participate. The services are more relaxed than a decade back, but there is still an appreciation for stimulating preaching and teaching and a proportion of the congregation is prepared to explore modern theological trends, which results  in good attendance at specific study groups.KidsFriendly.jpg


Weekly,  kidz@andrews  provides fun with a message and once a month Cruisey Churchoffers young and old:
family games,
a Christian viewpoint and shared meal
as an alternative to the more traditional services.


 Communion services are held quarterly and at morning service and World Communion Sunday. Home communion is offered to elderly and shut-in members.A short mid-week service, with quarterly communion, is held each month between April and November.




St Andrews hold a Remembering Service annually.

 This is the cross used for placing flowers in and remembering loved ones at our service held  Sunday 20th September, at 2.30.pm in the church.

 The service is a quiet comforting one for those who have had bereavement, includes prayers, hymns and an item by the singing group.

 It was followed by a cup of tea and an enjoyable time of fellowship. 



























St Andrew's has a close relationship with the Wesley Methodist church with whom we share a common boundary.  Combined services are held from time to time.Sunday @ Seven:  Methodists and Presbyterians meet together for evening services, alternating monthly between St Andrew's and Wesley.  These involve study, discussion and prayer.

There is a cordial relationship with the Wairau Parish  (Another Presbyterian Church now based at St Ninians ).   The two parishes have a slightly different theological outlook and the Presbyterians of Marlborough are well served with this freedom of choice.

The local Christian Ministers' Association organises a roster of services for the hospital and the rest homes.  At the majority of these services other members of the church attend to support the minister or elder taking the service.

We enjoy our singing group, and also the choir from the Wesley Methodist Church who sometimes join our Sunday Services.
Marlborough has several Music groups who use St Andrew's for lunchtime and Saturday concerts.


For contact details of these, and other local organisations check the District Councils Community Information on website for the Marlborough District  Library

This Public Library is across the square and two blocks South along Seymour St., from St Andrews church.





Our relationship with Methodists has a long history in Blenheim. In March 1872 the St Andrew’s Secretary of the Committee of Management permitted the Wesley Choir to use the church to practice their anthems to be sung at their anniversary meeting.The Committee of Management resolved that the secretary did wrong to permit the St Andrew’s to be used for that purpose.
The minister then reported that he had allowed the church to be used, his authority being The Ancient Order of Rechabites.....[Jeremiah 35 ]
Some things have changed since then, but ecumenicalism is still a hot topic with us...