Who we are


“Growing in Christian faith, love and action we responsibly 
and joyfully care for God’s earth and all people.”

Many, of our St Andrews Family, have a presbyterian heritage,

and our church is an active part of the Alpine Presbytery made up of presbyterian churches in the top half of the South Island, all having diverse views on most topics. Have a look at their newsletters

We cherish our past. But our true treasure is in the living body of our Lord Jesus.

Our Taonga. People, people, people.

So we are determined to show  our Unity with all who believe in Christ, and that we value the diversity of His Body. At St Andrews we enjoy fellowship / meeting with friends and family from many cultures, and try to show love for All of God's family.

 While St Andrews is mainly an urban parish, it also draws from rural Marlborough and has a considerable fringe population.