St Andrew's Chronicle

St Andrew's Chronicle for September 2017

Growing in Christian faith, love and action we responsibly and joyfully care for God’s earth and all people.


Which question is it correct to ask, “How many books were written by John?” or, “How many books are attributed to have been written by John?”1

They are not the same question although for some people they may be seen as the same. At a recent service I described a little about myself and my rôle in the Parish and I used the term, “Interim Minister,” where

I should have said, “Interim Moderator.” This was a terminological

inexactitude – my use of terms was not correct – as I am not serving the Parish as your minister but as your moderator.

I apologise for my having confused the terms. In some other

denominations (not only Anglican) there is no such thing as a moderator. They use the term interim minister to describe a person who is only

serving during a period where there is a vacancy for a Parish Minister, the person is a minister for the interim period. A minister is not the rôle which I am fulfilling. As your Interim Moderator I have three key duties;

1. to ensure that the Word is still preached (not necessarily by doing it myself) weekly,

2. to ensure that the elders continue to lead through Parish Council, and

3. to bring the Parish to discern God’s Mission for them and the form of ministry best suited to achieve that work.

I am local and have training, skills and background which can be used for the work of the Parish, consequently I have been involved more closely in the life of the Parish than would usually be expected of an Interim

Moderator. Whether I am called Moderator or Minister doesn’t change that.

Just recently someone said to me in the context of the style of something we were doing, “Ah, but you’re Anglican.”

I responded, “You know, you may not be as Presbyterian as you think.” Sometimes the terms we use can themselves confuse our thinking & expectations. Nowhere is that more obvious than when we label ourselves in some way. What we call ourselves can set us apart and excludes some vague “them” because “they” are not “us”.

At St Andrew’s, exclusiveness is not the context in which we work. In terms of Christian service there is no “them” because we define ourselves to be completely inclusive. We are a

Presbyterian denomination; we are governed and led in our Christian Mission by “presbyters,” an old word which simply means elders. We declare our core identity as, “Growing in Christian faith, love and action, we responsibly and joyfully care for God’s earth and all people.” As a vision it is a testament to past eldership, it is for the existing Parish to continue to live our identity so that there is a future who can take over that responsibility and joy. It will be Presbyterian because that’s how we work; it will not be the same “we” then as now but it will be Christian.





1 Five; one gospel, three letters and the last New Testament book, “The Revelation of John,” were attributed to the one John but single authorship has been questioned and is now widely considered to be unlikely

Rest Home Services

You are invited to any of these services. It’s good to have people to help with hymn books, share the singing and so on. And the residents really enjoy having others come. Takes about 30 minutes. Mark these dates now.





Tuesday, 5th



2:00:00 PM

Friday, 8th



11:00:00 AM

Wednesday, 13th


Maxwell Care

11:00:00 AM

Thursday, 28th



11:00:00 AM






$5 a Bag

Collected by the Pottinger Children

Please phone 5788068 or text 0212611686 to order.

Free delivery in the Blenheim Area



Lectionary The following readings are set down for the next few weeks in a lectionary used by the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in New Zealand. In St Andrew’s we normally follow the lectionary except when other readings are required for special circumstances. You may wish to follow the readings even if you are unable to attend services.




1st Reading


2nd Reading



3 September

Pentecost 13

Ex 3:  1-15

Ps 105:  1-6,

23-26, 45b

Rom 12:  9-21

Mt 16: 21-28

10 September

Ex 12:  1-14

Ps 149

Rom 13:  8-14

Mt 18:  15-20

17 September

Ex 14:  19-31

Ps 114

Rom 14:  1-12

Mt 18:  21-35

24 September

Ex 16:  2-15

Ps 105:  1-6,


Phil 1:  21-30

Mt 20:  1-16

1 October

Ex 17:  1-7

Ps 78:  1-4,


Phil 2:  1-13

Mt 21:  23-32

8 October

Pentecost 18

Ex 20:  1-4, 
7-9, 12-20

Ps 19

Phil 3:  4b-14

Mt 21:  33-46


Mt 21: 33-46




The Commission for Financial Capability is holding a free public seminar on Thursday, 28 September at 10.30am to midday at

St Mary’s Community Centre, 61 Maxwell Road, Blenheim.

This seminar will be of interest to anyone thinking of living in a

retirement village (and their support people, family). We discuss, neutrally and objectively, some of the personal, legal and financial matters in making the decision to become a village resident or not.

See the notice on the board regarding registration.




Do we have one within our church or our internal

processes/ minds?

I have recently joined Rotary and we have a four way test --

* Is it the truth?

* Is it fair to all concerned?

* Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

* Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

As the Annual General Meeting comes due I wonder how we will measure what our reports will contain and what matters we may raise under general business.

Much work has gone into the Mission Discernment Process and numbers attending have fluctuated as have levels of support to the process. The process has been designed so that we as a Parish have a chance to say where we feel we are being called to put action into serving God and how we as a people see this fitting in with the gospel in our community.

Our statement of identity reads:

“Growing in Christian faith, love and action, we

responsibly and joyfully care for God’s earth and all


I understand God’s command as going forth in love spreading God’s word through whatever gifts he has given us, thus

advancing His kingdom.

Can I issue a challenge as we head towards our AGM that we think about how our words, whether written or said, fit in with God’s vision for us and His church.


Marion Rowe





Last month we celebrated the people of the world with games, activities, craft and laughter. The evening started with a

rowdy game from Brazil called Luta de Gallo, Fighting Rooster. There was lots of laughter and excitement when the

other person's 'tail' was snatched! In the hall, we made biscuits from Switzerland, pinata's from

Mexico and Indian American head wear. We also made friendship sticks and puzzle pieces, which we slotted

together to show we are all connected and fit together.


In church we shared the book 'God's Dream', written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu which spoke about us being all God's people, no matter our background, race, hair colour or traditions. I shared the example of eggs as they can be

different colours on the outside, but when broken, are

exactly the same on the inside.

It was lovely to step back and observe the families working together, children working on their craft with parents

assisting and giving praise. It was also pleasing to see many parents connecting and chatting, catching up about events and sharing ideas.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Cruisey Church on 16th September.



Sunday, 24 September 2pm

Church of Nativity

Door sales $10

Stay for a cuppa and a cookie after the show. Gold coin donation appreciated.





Yes, there always seems so many requests for people to fill roles and as a fellow parishioner and councillor I do ask that you give prayerful consideration to what God maybe calling you for.

In addition to the committee roles there are so many ways you could serve your church and I would love to hear from anyone who may consider the following:

J Do you feel you could adopt a noticeboard and keep it up to date, appealing or even challenging?

J Would there be someone out there willing to make the main picture window in the foyer a sight for visitors to pause and see what we are doing or what the children have been doing or even a regular differing bible scenario?

J Could you possibly be the care taker of our sales cabinet and rearrange the contents in an appealing manner or display them upright following wee earthquakes. You would not need to make the material, just be the “shopkeeper.”

J Maybe you have a gift of making our new lounge area

appealing with furniture layout, some plants, posters etc.

J Perhaps you could adopt one room in our hall and make it so welcoming that there will be a waiting list of people wanting to book it.

J Are you an avid reader? Could you do regular book reviews from our library thus promoting it’s use and even giving us suggestions of which books to ‘retire’ out of service and ideas for new ones.

There are so many ways to help, please do consider one of the above or speak to a member of Parish Council as to other ways you could help.

Many thanks


Marion Rowe





In Genesis we find this account of our creation; Genesis 1.26.

Then God said ‘and now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us ‘ …. So God created human beings, making them to be like himself. He created them male and female, blessed them and said “have many children, so that your descendants will live over all the earth and bring it under their control.”

Somewhere along the way since, we have almost certainly lost sight of the fact that we all are created in the likeness of God. We automatically think we are superior to others.

Take us out of our temperate climate and drop us in the hot steamy jungles of the Amazon for example and how would we fare?

Take someone adapted to an extremely cold, harsh environment and drop them in our paradise and they too would be out of place and flounder about.

Those who insist that if you are not white skinned you are nothing need to have their blindfolds removed and realise that there is a place for everyone in this wonderful, wide world.

We need one another, no one race is an island to itself. Like it or not, we are all interdependent.

As the Psalmist said “how pleasing it must be to God when his children learn how to work and live together in unity”.

What a truly wonderful place the world will be when we focus our efforts and energies on thing s which are the greater good of society in general and give benefit to everyone equally.

We can set the example for others to follow; we can accept others as our equals and celebrate their achievements with them.

Let us abandon those notions and ideas that lead to others being put down or discredited; let us remove the blinkers that limit our vision and throw away the blindfolds that would lead us into false ways.

Let us learn how to work and live together in God’s world in unity in His name.


To read the full address contact John on or phone 578-4576.





May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.

May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the

Love that has been given to you . . . .


May you be content knowing that you are a child of God . . . .

Let this presence settle into your bones,

and allow your soul the freedom to Sing, dance, praise and love.


It is there for each and every one of us.


St Teresa of Avila



St Andrew’s: Calendar & Contacts


Special this Month

Thursday, 7th Joy Ministries 5pm

Tuesday, 12th Property Meeting 7.30pm

Saturday, 16th Cruisey Church 5pm

Tuesday, 19th Parish Council 7.30pm

Wednesday, 20th Fashion Central Fundraiser 6pm

Thursday, 21st Afternoon Tea Service 2.30pm



Thursday, 5th Joy Ministries 5pm


Friday 6th-Saturday 7th Garden Tour 10am-4pm


Regular Services Sundays Mornings 10am

3rd September All Age Worship - Sharaine Steenberg

10th September Communion - Derek Harding

17th September Marion Rowe

Annual General Meeting

24th September Hilary Smith

1st October All Age Worship - Derek & Sharaine

World Communion Sunday

Combined with Wesley at St Andrew’s

Regular Events

Thursdays Craft and Chat Group, 10.00 am



Interim Moderator Rev Derek Harding 577-8816

Parish Clerk Raewyn Buchanan 578-4576

Deputy Parish Clerk Jane Heywood 5781327

Envelope Secretary Gail Dodson 570-5542

Parish Office 5 Henry Street 578-7119

Monday to Friday, 9 am -- noon




St Andrew's Chronicle for June 2017

Derek’s Drift

If I thought last month’s deadline came round quickly, this month
seems to have been even faster. Perhaps I should un-retire though I
seriously doubt if that would change very much. Perhaps I need to
reconsider entirely my way of managing my time.

Not only do we need to manage time but also resources and how we
go about deciding who should do what and why it should be that
person. When we’ve made those decisions, we need to then work out
how we expect that person to divide their time – it used to be that
being a minister was literally 365/24/7 and ministers would come back
off leave to take a funeral or even take a service if there was no-one
available to take it instead. Some of that thinking, though not so
austere, still exists in our understanding of what we expect of our

Sometimes a minister arrives expecting to find an active and vibrant
parish (because that’s what they were told about) only to discover that
nobody comes forward, so the minister starts to fill the gaps and soon
ends up doing everything. Partly that’s because of an unwillingness to
let things slide but also, when life is stressful, it creates less tension to
do it oneself than leave it to others. As a Parish, we’ve certainly
slipped into the low-participation bracket. Traditionally, except the
readings and perhaps the prayers, the minister does it all on a
Sunday and that carries over to the way the Monday to Saturday
ministry goes.

That’s what is meant by “being in a rut.” Although from time to time we
can pop out of the rut, the wheels turn more easily and the
direction is largely predetermined when we fall back into it.

If the Parish decides it wants to get out of the rut and look to
developing itself to be ready to accept a new permanent
minister, perhaps the first step is to consider Intensional
Transitional Ministry. This is a short-term ministry (perhaps
2 years) with a specific minister (full or part time) whose role is
to facilitate reaching specified goals within the time frame to
enable us to be ready for a permanent settled ministry.

An alternative view is as I outlined in two recent sermons. We
can imagine ourselves on a bridge to nowhere. We can move
and exist very happily while we’re on the bridge and we have
this lovely view of what’s around us but we lack the ability to get
off the bridge to go to those places. Maybe we need a Travel
Agent to get us off the bridge and to a destination so that then
we can have a Tour Guide who will share the following journey
with us.

Whatever the future, we can be sure if it’s like the past it is
doomed; so it will be different and maybe very different. That’s
exciting and encouraging and we all have a part to play. Paul
wrote in Romans 12:4 and in 1 Corinthians 12:12 that the Body
of Christ is made up of many parts – us – and we are each vital
to the whole. We’re committed to going on a journey for God, we
need to decide where God wants us to go and with whom.
Everything that is St Andrew's
and the wonderful and exceptional ministries
that are carried out in God's name
throughout the parish by so many people,
I value absolutely.
I sought to encourage additional help to empower the Sunday parish,
to engage with those who have skills and talents
but who are cautious about sharing them at our Sunday worship and Sunday ministries.
We have amazing Monday to Saturday ministries
which I meant to expand into our Sunday worship ministries, too.




Page 2 St Andrew’s Church

Parish Register

Funerals: d. 26.4.17 Roger Ivan Smart

d. 3.5.17 Wayne George McFarlane

D. 5.5.17 Paul Robert Chauval



Part 18: Curates’ Antics.

As for incumbents’ views of their parishioners, these differed wildly
over the years, and in doing so add illuminating evidence about
the long history of village life.

In the late 18th century, for example, the jovial curate of
Lastingham, on the edge of the wild North York moors, was so
intimate with his parishioners that he got his young wife to take on
the tenancy of the Blacksmiths Arms and played his violin and
danced there on Sunday evenings. When this came to the atten-
tion of the authorities the curate, Rev. Jeremiah Carter, mounted a
spirited defence – his stipend of only twenty pounds a year
needed supplementing for his family to survive he told the
Archdeacon, and the pub tenancy was a convenient solution. As
for revelry his flock often had to travel miles across the moors and
his playing the fiddle and leading a dance distracted them from
‘heavy‘ drinking and bad conversation.

The Archdeacon was convinced and his disciplinary action was

From “The English Village” by Martin Wainwright.

41d3c7209a67bdc702d79021f8232eae.jpg (425×425):

Winter Speaker Series

The first of the planned series on 26 May saw about thirty-five
people enjoying a soup and roll lunch following an interesting talk
by Margaret Western of the migrant centre. Next meeting is on 7
July and the speaker will be local historian Barry Holdaway.


At Last Month’s Parish Council

• The meeting on 10 May had fewer people attending but was
considered successful with some useful developments.
• Joy Ministries‘ regular service is arranged by David Clode
who also coordinates transport. The meal is supervised by
Jane Heywood, and Dickie Willemsen and Christine Koppert
are hostesses.
• Cruisey Church continues to have a successful monthly event
organised by Rachael Pottinger with assistance from Marion
Rowe and several other volunteers.
• Afternoon Tea service is taken monthly by John Buchanan.
Food is organised by Jane Heywood and Nel Hoek, transport
by Noeline Rasmussen with help from Pat Cromarty and
Caryl Simpson.
• A grant of $1,500 towards heating costs was received from
The Blue Door Trust.
• A Health and Safety document was received from a member
of St Andrew’s Hamilton. A letter of thanks to be sent.
• A letter of thanks also to go to Robert and Lynda Montgomery
who, for many years, have typed out the hymns used at St
Andrews for use in services. There is now a considerable
library available.
• A letter has been sent from the Finance Committee to the
Church Property Trustees concerning the regulations about
ownership of assets and suggesting points for consideration.

Next meeting 13 June

Rest Home Services

You are invited to any of these services. It’s good to have people to
help with hymn books, share the singing and so on. And the
residents really enjoy having others come. Takes about 30 minutes.
Mark these dates now.

June Preacher Home Time

Tuesday, 6th Ashwood 2pm
Wednesday, 14th David Maxwell Care 11am
Friday, 23rd Marion Aberleigh 11am


Many of the islands of Vanuatu are struggling with the after-
math of the recent cyclone. The destruction is heartbreaking
and the clean-up is going to take a long time. To assist
those of our congregation whose homes are facing the
devastation, Parish Council has agreed to a retiring offer-
ing on Sunday 11 June to help. Also, donations, in a
marked envelope, can be placed in the offering at any time
and can also be handed in to the office where you can ask
Kim for a receipt if you require one.


Our third Sewing Bee for the year will be on Saturday 24th June in
Room 6, from 9.30am to 3pm or any part thereof. As always
lunch will be provided.

You do not need to be an expert sewer, as we need people to cut
out, hand sew, iron etc. If you have any bright ideas we can sew
or craft, let us know or come and share at our sewing bee. Bring
your sewing machine if you would like to, or come ready to cut out
or do hand sewing. A pair of scissors would be handy.

Please make a note of this date and we hope to see you there.


Page 4 St Andrew’s Church

Lectionary The following readings are set down for the next few weeks in a
lectionary used by the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches in New
Zealand. In St Andrew’s we normally follow the lectionary except when other
readings are required for special circumstances. You may wish to follow the
readings even if you are unable to attend services.


1st Reading


2nd Reading



4 June


Acts 2:  1-21

Ps 104:  24-34


1 Cor 12:


Jn 20:  19-23

11 June


Gen 1:  1-2: 4a

Ps 8

2 Cor 13:


Mt 28:  16-20

18 June

Pentecost  2

Gen 18:  1-15

(21:  1-7)

Ps 116:  1-2,


Rom 5:  1-8

Mt 9:  35-10: 8 (9-23)

25 June


Gen 21:  8-21

Ps 86:  1-10,


Rom 6:  1b-11

Mt 10:  24-29

2 July

Gen 22:  1-14

Ps 13

Rom 6:  12-23

Mt 10:  40-42

9 July

Pentecost 5

Gen 24:  34-38

42-49, 58-67

Ps 45:  10-17

Rom 7: 15-25a

Mt 11:  16-19,




On Sunday afternoon 21st May 25 people passed through the hall to
play a game of Raging Rhino’s, Uno, Connect 4, Triominos, Rumi
cub, Snap or The Amazing Moa Hunt. There was also a very serious
game of 500 going on between the Rudd/Willis girls and the Rudd/
Willis boys. A large cheer finally announced that the girls were the

A scrumptious afternoon tea (provided by the Pastoral Care, Mission
and Fellowship committee) was enjoyed along with the fun and
fellowship between all the generations who attended. WATCH THIS
SPACE - we might just hold a repeat later in the winter.


This month we celebrated many women in
the Bible. We started by playing hopscotch
with biblical names, talking and sharing the
stories, before moving into the hall for craft.
Here we made beautiful woven Moses
baskets, designed peg dolls and created
Hannah and her praying hands. We
also worked on creating a well and women
for the church window display.

Derek spoke to us about how many of the women in the Bible
showed persistence when praying to God and Jesus. Many didn't
always receive what they asked for straight away, but they kept
praying. He spoke to us about the importance of being persistent
even in difficult times. There was lots of laughter and singing
within the church.

Many thanks to all those who help make our evening so
successful by helping with crafts, preparing dinner and to our
visitors. It was a lovely evening shared together.

Please join us next month, June the 17th, where we will be
celebrating Matariki and the stars.

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