Cruisey Church

Cruisey.jpgonce a month Cruisey Church 

meets each 3rd Saturday in a month at 5 pm

Cruisey Church offers young and old:

family games and craft, a Christian viewpoint and a shared meal as an informal family orientated   alternative to the more traditional services on Sundays.

The games and craft are particularly suitable for preschool and primary aged children and their families. 

We invite you and your family to 

Cruisey Church   Saturday 17th March 5 - 6.30pm at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church This Month we will have an Easter theme.



the first Cruisey Church for 2018.  Saturday was 17th February  when we prepared for our  Harvest Festival and made aScarecrow as wall as 

games, singing, craft, worship and a meal.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Cruisey Church Team.




You and your family are invited to share in a fun evening of games, craft, worship and a meal together.
This month we are exploring the story of Joseph and his famous coloured coat.: on  16th September 5- 6:30pm

August 19th we went internationaland enjoyied many cultures from around the world

It was another busy evening at Cruisey Church on Saturday, 22 July with a wonderful turnout despite the cold winter evening and being the middle of the school holidays.
It was lovely to welcome new faces visiting 
during the holidays.

Our focus was on Jesus who taught us the importance of serving others.
To start the evening we played a game using blindfolds and tried to feed each other dry rice 
bubbles - with some success!
We came to the conclusion 
serving others can be hard and trying but still very important.

We created bead necklaces and sandals with words of wisdom.
Another activity involved personalising teabags for gifts.
We hope you took a “cuppa” from us and enjoyed the 
personal touches.

  We started the fence project by coming up with the silhouette outlines.
The foyer was busy with budding artists and creative minds. Look out for the final art pieces in the next few months.

Marion led the church service as we thought about important and famous people who may ‘pop’ in
and how we may serve and treat them.
She related this to Jesus and how he washed the feet of others, stating that everyone is important in the eyes of God.

After sharing a prayer, we washed our hands and sat down together and shared a beautiful warm meal on such a cold night.
It was lovely to see the families chatting, sharing and enjoying each other’s company.

A big thank you to all those who helped —
either in the kitchen, serving and clearing away, making the lovely food beforehand or joining in and helping us with the activities.

If you are keen to join us and help out you are always most welcome. Please contact myself or Marion.

 We look forward to you joining us next month on 19 August.


You and your friends and family are invited
to Cruisey Church

15th July 2017, 5 pm . 

[and also to the meetings after that]

The games and craft are particularly suitable for preschool and primary aged children. 

Everyone is Welcome!
A koha please.

If you would like to know more please feel free to ring
Rachael 5788068 or the Church Office 5787119

  What we do

We start every Cruisey Church by playing a game, or two.Cruisey.jpg
We complete three activities.
These could be any kind of craft
or baking which the children can take home (or eat!).
We worship God by singing and making music with Rev. Johanna.
We enjoy dinner together, then the children play.

 CruiseyChurch_2017June-0724banjo.gif CruiseyChurch_2017June-1019believe.gif

May2017Cruisey.gifIn May we celebrated many women in
the Bible.
We started by playing hopscotch
with biblical names, talking and sharing the
stories, before moving into the hall for craft.
Here we made beautiful woven Moses
baskets, designed peg dolls and created
Hannah and her praying hands. We
also worked on creating a well and women
for the church window display.

Derek spoke to us about how many of the women in the Bible
showed persistence when praying to God and Jesus. Many didn't
always receive what they asked for straight away, but they kept
praying. He spoke to us about the importance of being persistent
even in difficult times. There was lots of laughter and singing
within the church.

Many thanks to all those who help make our evening so
successful by helping with crafts, preparing dinner and to our
visitors. It was a lovely evening shared together.

Please join us next month, June the 17th, where we will be
celebrating Matariki and the stars.


Come and join us to see what we get up to next!














































June2016-Johannas_last_service.JPGJune 2016 was Johanna's last time with us, 
but we had fun making and looking for stars.


Our first get together in 2016 was a picnic at

Pollard Park Saturday 20 February.
New members most Welcome.










It was great to have the 13 children attending in September to begin their activities outside.
It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a parachute and some coloured balls.
Indoors the crafts included making bird feeders, fluffy, feathery birds and planting
and decorating pots of colourful flowers.
In church we talked about the seasons and pasted pictures on to some big pyramids to put in the Henry Street window.
Music is a big part of the fun. We have an amazing collection of musical instruments which the children love. Some have their favourites, others want to try everything. They certainly “make a joyful noise”, sometimes in tune, others “experimental”.


Thirteen children and a very young babySept15_1.JPG
were present at our August Cruisey Church.
These children came from 8 families. There
are about another 6-8 families on our invitation
list. Have you a young family near you
(in distance or relationship) who might like
an invitation to Cruisey Church? If so, just
ask and we can visit, write, text or ring them.
If you would like to hand them an invitation yourself please ask.
There are invitations with the dates and a brief explanation of
what we do in the foyer of the church, and we can print more.
We would like a few more families involved, and we can certainly
cater for them. We never struggle to get helpers, thank you allSept15_2.JPG
very much, and we had food left over this month!
Our theme was Love your Neighbour. Two large pots of soup
were made for the congregation to take away on the Sunday. It
was delicious, I wish I had taken two cups! Another exciting craft
was a bouncy 'me' who, with rubber band bounce, leapt off a
plastic cup just as we, full of the confidence of God's grace and
neighbourly love, leap into and out of our communities as we
grow and change.
We also wrote prayers for our neighbours to make a prayer chain
to hang in the window. Because of the young age of the group
there were not many prayers written, so our chain is short, but
rich in meaning.



Zaccheus climbs a tree at Cruisey
In June our theme was: Jesus comes looking for us.
We retold the story of Zacchaeus 
climbing the tree
to see Jesus and then being 
called down as Jesus said
“Zacchaeus, I am 
coming to your house for dinner tonight.”
our worship celebration we acted out the story, and
most of us had a turn at being 
Jesus or Zacchaeus.
During our craft time 
we made our own pizzas for dinner
and we prepared a crowd of 
people and also, Zacchaeus, to place in a tree.
You can look at 
our work in the foyer window.
We made a tree and put in it a 
Zacchaeus figure. June2015c.JPG
See if you can find him. Another Zaccheus
figure can climb into a tree as we pull on the strings
through his legs.
You can see this one, and lots of photos, on the Cruisey 
board in the foyer.
Dinner was our pizzas and then a pineapple upside down cake with ice-cream. Yummy! 
And we were able to keep pottering at the project for the window display and a little booklet of puzzles once we had eaten.
What do you think of the window?











Last Saturday at Cruisey Church we celebrated
Easter with craft, singing, story telling and
After coming together to sing about the ark,
Noah and the animals, we headed outside for
some sack racing and laughter.
Inside, the children made felt pictures depicting the scene of the
empty tomb and Jesus resurrection and constructed Easter egg
holders in the form of chickens and decorated Easter cupcakes
for dessert.
In church, Johanna led the story of Jesus and Easter, through
pictures and artefacts which the children really enjoyed. They
identified the different important parts of the story and shared their
favourite picture.
Over sharing the meal, friendships were formed, stories shared
and we caught up with each other. It was an enjoyable evening.
“I like it. I like doing crafts and making things.” (Ben)
“I liked making the chickens and icing the chocolate
cupcakes with green icing for the grass and placing tiny
Easter eggs on top.”
“I enjoyed the way Johanna used the candle to tell the
Easter story.”
Check out the photos on the Cruisey
section of the mission board in the
church foyer. The faces on the
children doing the sack race are a
delight. Feel free to come and join in
next time, 18 April





December 2014 Photographs


September Photographs

It was lovely to be back in our own hall for Cruisey Church this month.
The children were 
welcomed into the foyer and spent some time having fun with a maze, for climbing on, over and through.
Then they began their activities 
with making a model of the sort of house that the friends of a paralysed man came to as they sought out Jesus. They had their friend on a stretcher, but couldn’t get near so went up the side steps to the roof and lowered him down.
It was great fun attaching the steps to 
the house and making pipe cleaner people and a stretcher. There were maze puzzles to solve which tested the brain. Also a paper sheet house to cover with cut out people, to represent the crowd surrounding Jesus. 
Then tea was enjoyed with sausages wrapped in bread and then wrapped with bacon. Since it was Cruisey’s 4th Birthday we later enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles, made by Sipa Robson. Thank you Sipa, you make the best chocolates cakes. 
The next Cruisey Church will be on Saturday 18th October, at 5pm.


With many new faces on Saturday night, Cruisey Church was a busy place where the children explored different parts of our church.
As a part of the craft activities, children constructed their own churches out of ice-cream punnets, cutting out windows to which they added cellophane to represent the church’s beautiful stained glass windows and doors. Little paper people were cut out and coloured in, adding to the church. To add effect, they were given candles to light up the church from the inside.
Other children chose to make their own photo album using photos of our church which they glued into their handmade albums and labelled.
We entered the church, spotting the different aspects such as the pews, altar, bible and stained glass windows they had put into their photo albums and constructed churches. The children were intrigued when Mr Garnham showed them the organ, explaining how it works. He brought out two of the pipes so they could see them up close.
After the service, which was held by Mrs Rowe, grace was said and it was time for dinner. This is always a special time, sharing a meal together. The children enjoy sitting and eating with their friends. But the highlight is dessert!
Cruisey Church is a lovely way to explore God and his teaching, with family and friends. It is a special time together.
We next meet on Saturday, 21st June at 5pm.  next door at the Wesley Centre [in the Foundry] while St Andrew’s Church Hall is being strengthened
You will be most welcome.











Cruisey Church is an informal service designed for families with lots for the children to do.

Each month has a theme from the  Bible and we play games, make things, worship and then we eat!
Come and join us!