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Sunday 22nd October 2017

On Sunday Rev. Sharaine Steenberg will be looking at Paul's story in Acts 9:1-22. What happens, when life happens?

Have you ever said yes to “Life”, and then this happened?

How does the picture make you feel?

How did you cope with Life when “that happened”?



Great God, be at city street or mountain top,
may it become my pulpit from which to proclaim your praises.
And my workbench from which to transmit your love to the lives of lonely men.

From “Good Lord, Where Are You?”,
by Leslie Brandt.

Theo’s Stall: 8 October 2017 $95.60

Next Meeting with Spring Speaker, Sherry Boyd

WED 1 November 7.30pm Cuppa & light supper to follow
@ Blenheim Baptist, cnr High St/ Beaver Rd
Door entry: $5
Easy off-street parking .
Inquiries to Ruth:

Something to mark on your calendar

A St Andrew’s fundraising event of a different kind.  
A show of

current fashions modelled by real people

will be held at 
fashion Central, Wednesday 8 November 2017. 6-7pm
$10 a person,
light refreshments will be served.

An Invitation Is  extended to members and friends who would like to:

have a stall to sell ‘handcrafted items’

on Sunday 12 November a day of the NELMAC GARDEN TOURS

9am - 4pm . Limited sites available at $10






Tuesday 17 Parish Council Meeting - 7.30pm

Thursday 19 Coffee, craft & chat group- 9.30am - Room 6
                     Afternoon Tea Service - 2.30pm

Saturday 21 Cruisey Church - 5pm

Sunday 22 Morning Worship - 10am

Samoan Congregation - noon


Monday 23 Labour Day

Thursday 26 Coffee, craft & chat group- 9.30am - Room 6

Sunday 29 Morning Worship with Derek - 10am

Samoan Congregation - noon

Advanced Notice: Massey Exams Room 6 next 2 weeks

Roster 22 October 2017

Welcoming: Rose Pelvin, Kirk Dyer, Tom & Jennifer

Organist: Grant Wright

Readers: John Pullar

Raewyn B

OHP: Noel Thurlow

Stall: John Pullar

Chris Koppert

Flowers: Ruth Bell

Morning Tea: Dawn Neal, Po Chue Sue

Sound Desk: Tom Willis

Roster 29 October 2017

Welcoming: Isobel Wylds, John & Raewyn

Organist: Grant Wright

Readers: Pat Beckett , Gillian Mutch

OHP: Kirk Dyer

Stall: Tom & Jennifer

Flowers: Ruth Bell

Morning Tea: Liz Koppert, Marion Gardiner

Sound Desk: Tom Willis


Ineterim Moderator
Rev. Derek Harding

Parish Office:
Open:     9 am to 12 noon
5 Henry Street      Ph: 578 7119

Parish Clerk:
Raewyn Buchanan 
Ph: 578 4576
Web site:

for September   DEREK’S DRIFT 

Which question is it correct to ask, “How many books were written by John?” or, “How many books are attributed to have been written by John?”1

They are not the same question although for some people they may be seen as the same. At a recent service I described a little about myself and my rôle in the Parish and I used the term, “Interim Minister,” where 
I should have said, “Interim Moderator.” This was a terminological 
inexactitude – my use of terms was not correct – as I am not serving the Parish as your minister but as your moderator.

I apologise for my having confused the terms. In some other 
denominations (not only Anglican) there is no such thing as a moderator. They use the term interim minister to describe a person who is only 
serving during a period where there is a vacancy for a Parish Minister, the person is a minister for the interim period. A minister is not the rôle which I am fulfilling. As your Interim Moderator I have three key duties;

1.  to ensure that the Word is still preached (not necessarily by doing it myself) weekly,

2.  to ensure that the elders continue to lead through Parish Council, and

3.  to bring the Parish to discern God’s Mission for them and the form of ministry best suited to achieve that work.

I am local and have training, skills and background which can be used for the work of the Parish, consequently I have been involved more closely in the life of the Parish than would usually be expected of an Interim 
Moderator. Whether I am called Moderator or Minister doesn’t change that.

 Just recently someone said to me in the context of the style of something we were doing, “Ah, but you’re Anglican.” 

I responded, “You know, you may not be as Presbyterian as you think.” Sometimes the terms we use can themselves confuse our thinking & expectations. Nowhere is that more obvious than when we label ourselves in some way. What we call ourselves can set us apart and excludes some vague “them” because “they” are not “us”.

At St Andrew’s, exclusiveness is not the context in which we work. In terms of Christian service there is no “them” because we define ourselves to be completely inclusive. We are a 
Presbyterian denomination; we are governed and led in our Christian Mission by “presbyters,” an old word which simply means elders. We declare our core identity as, 
“Growing in Christian faith, love and action, we responsibly and joyfully care for God’s earth and all people.” As a vision it is a testament to past eldership, it is for the existing Parish to continue to live our identity so that there is a future who can take over that responsibility and joy. It will be Presbyterian because that’s how we work; it will not be the same “we” then as now but it will be Christian.




Garden Tour


St. Andrews Church - Sunday Roster September 2017
DateWelcomingOrganistReadersOHPStallFlowersMorning Tea
3 Sep 17Robbie Riddet Bev DixonNoel Thurlow Moira ParryNel Hoek
 Jeanette & David Rudd John Buchanan   Minna Holdaway
 Christine Koppert      
10 Sep 17Katherine & John Bailey Chris KoppertKirk Smith Elizabeth WinterChris K
 Moira Parry Dawn Neal   Chris G
 Dicky Willemsen      
 David Rudd, Rose Pelvin      
 Marion Gardiner      
 Pat Beckett, Anne Norton      
 Chris Koppert, Dawn Neal      
 Gillian Mutch      
 Res: Chris Grant      
17 Sep 17Ruth Bell Rose PelvinRaewyn B Elizabeth WinterJane & Ralph
 Audrey & John Saunders Robbie Riddet    
 Pat Beckett      
24 Sep 17Po Chue Sue Liz KoppertLiz Koppert Katherine BaileyDavid & Marion
 Elsa Cresswell Nanette C-R    
 Ralph & Jane Heywood      

 Rest Home Services

You are invited to any of these services.
It’s good to have people to help with hymn books, share the singing and so on. 
And the residents really enjoy having others come. Takes about 30 minutes.






Tuesday, 5th




Friday, 8th




Wednesday, 13th


Maxwell Care


Thursday, 28th